Nutrition Labelling Services

Most pre-packaged foods require a Nutrition Facts table in Canada. Canada’s Food and Drug Regulations set out the requirements for presentation and format, and it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the nutrition information on the label.


  • Advise on whether to use nutritional databases to calculate your profile or send your product to a food laboratory for chemical testing.
  • Coordinate chemical testing by an accredited laboratory.
  • Utilize Genesis R&D SQL software to calculate nutrition profile from product formulation and from ingredient supplier information
  • Generate simplified, dual, aggregate and custom formats for print-ready Nutrition Facts tables compliant for your package dimensions.
  • Answer your nutrition labelling questions.
  • Identify or verify potential nutrient content or health claims.

Are you a restaurateur who wants to provide nutritional information for customers?  NSF-GFTC has expertise to transform your menu into a concise, customer-friendly document (restaurant menu labelling).

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