Canadian Food Label Consulting


Are you importing a food product into Canada and unsure if Canadian regulations are being met?

Regulations on the composition and labelling of food products can vary from country to country, and imported foods may require formula changes and/or updated labelling to meet Canadian laws.

Canadian Regulations specify requirements for content, format and placement of mandatory information.

Don’t know where to start? NSF-GFTC can generate:

  • Ingredient lists
  • Allergen statements
  • Common name / statement of identity
  • Net quantity
  • Nutrition Facts table
  • Other mandatory information

Is there a Canadian standard for your product or ingredients? NSF-GFTC can:

  • Ensure you meet standards as prescribed in the applicable regulations (such as the Food and Drug Regulations, Meat Inspection Regulations, Processed Products Regulations, Dairy Products Regulations etc.)

At any stage of your food label development (from development brief to finished artwork) NSF-GFTC can:

  • Advise if your formulation is compliant
  • Ensure all ingredients are permitted in Canada
  • Review maximum level requirements for food additives
  • Advise if nutrition information supports nutrient content or health claims
  • Review type size and placement requirements for your artwork
  • Provide regulatory comments on existing or draft labels in order to be compliant with Canadian regulations
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