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Meet with Three Food Industry Professionals

Do you have an idea for a new food product that you want to take to market or are looking to reformulate an existing product?

If you need answers about formulation options, product shelf-life issues, processing and production challenges, co-packer arrangements, packaging choices, quality programs or product specifications contact us.  

We have a program designed to provide you with the basic information you need to take your product to market.  When you book a consultation meeting with NSF-GFTC's food industry experts, you will get answers about:

  • Formulation options
  • Scale up
  • Processing and production challenges
  • Shelf-life issues
  • Packaging choices
  • Co-packer arrangements
  • Regulatory and nutritional labelling requirements
  • Food safety and quality concerns

Book a one-hour meeting with a panel of food scientists including experts in product development, process development, food packaging and food labelling.

Consultations cost $950.00. Entrepreneurs are eligible for a full rebate* for subsequent projects greater than $2,500.00.

*Rebate is for product and process development projects only and is at the discretion of the Technical Manager, Product and Process Development Services.

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