Join the biggest names in food and beverage processing and become a member of NSF-GFTC. You'll receive exclusive access to knowledge and industry networking events. Plus, our membership benefits include valuable discounts on our services.

NSF-GFTC memberships fall into one of two categories: If you are an individual, entrepreneur or small company, our Business Member option is for you. Companies with more than 50 employees can become Corporate Members. The membership is specific to a company location therefore some companies may have to purchase more than one membership to include their entire organization.

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Membership Benefits

  1. 10% discount on public training courses
  2. 5% annual discount on one Technical Services and one Food Safety & Quality Services project (to a maximum of $1500 each)
  3. Complimentary registration for up to three individuals for our Innovation Breakfast series
  4. Discounts on Symposia series
  5. Access to NSF-GFTC's member network and directory

Membership Pricing

  1. Business Membership: $375 CDN (plus GST)
  2. Corporate Membership: $475 CDN (plus GST) (one membership/location)

Note: The membership year runs from when a member joins, such as from June 1 to May 31.

For more information, contact Christine Wheelhouse, Membership Coordinator (519) 821-1246 ext. 5036 or

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