Packaging Audits

NSF-GFTC uses a variety of checklists for food packaging audits and works with you to select the correct one based on your customers requirements. Customer defined packaging audit checklists used by NSF-GFTC include Yum! Restaurants and Kraft, and has developed a checklist for PACsecure audits.

Food Packaging manufacturing audits can also be conducted using GMA-SAFE, SQF 2000, NSF-GFTC HACCP Accreditation and PACsecure.

This audit is primarily used by organizations who want to challenge themselves to the highest available level. The audit has been used by medium and large organizations including international corporations in the food and beverage industry. Accreditations have included manufacturers, brewers, bakers, produce packers, distribution centres and food service as shown in our Hall of Fame.

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