Good Manufacturing Practices

The GMP audit covers the Prerequisite Program requirements that are commonly outlined by various regulatory bodies such as CFIA, FDA and Codex. It is commonly used by the supply chain for small to medium sized facilities as well as a preliminary requirement for the NSF-GFTC HACCP Certification. Facilities must pass this food safety audit with a score of 85% in all sections before being accepted for a NSF-GFTC HACCP Certification.

The GMP audit assesses the fundamental programs required to manage food safety and includes the following:

  1. Premises
  2. Storage and distribution
  3. Equipment and maintenance
  4. Training and management of personnel
  5. Sanitation and pest control
  6. Traceability and recall
  7. Product protection programs (includes foreign material, allergens and the presence of a HACCP Program, but not an in-depth review).
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