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Each year, NSF-GFTC experts audit and consult with over 1500 businesses in the food and beverage industry and train more than 3000 professionals. Our services reach across the globe to 26 countries in 8 languages.

Each business we work with has unique needs and challenges, from developing new products to meeting global food safety standards to incorporating sustainable practices. Here are some examples of the creative, confidential solutions we offer:

  1. Help food processing facilities implement or improve food safety and quality management plans
  2. Offer auditing and consulting in global standards for food safety and microbiology such as HACCP, SQF, BRC, GMA-Safe and ISO
  3. Provide rapid-response training in new food regulations
  4. Develop new products according to upcoming trends and for specific needs
  5. Test and improve products for shelf life, quality, safety and packaging requirements
  6. Provide nutritional labelling, from individual foods to entire product lines
  7. Create sustainability programs that improve profitability while minimizing environmental footprint
  8. Develop and deliver customized training solutions for a company's workforce

If you're not sure which service area can help your business or product, click here for help.

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